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Tattooed and Geeky

12 December
I am just a happy, geeky, dorky, and tattooed computer gal. I am a gothic gamer minus the emo. I live in Ohio with my husband beanalby (also a gamer), our 2 cats (Beamer and Willow),our bunny (Ling-Ling) and an assortment of fish.

#geeks, abby scutio, adult swim, all american rejects, alternative, angels and airwaves, anime, batmud, bats, bi-linguals, bleach, body modification, body mods, bowser, bush, calvin & hobbes, cats, chinese food, cleveland, clue, comedies, comedy, computers, cooking, cosplay, counted cross stitch, cowboy bebop, criss angel, crochet, cross stitch, cross stitching, cross-stitch, cross-stitching, dean koontz, death note, descent, devil bunny, disturbed, doormud, douglas adams, dragonforce, dragons, face to face, family guy, fantasy, final fantasy, firefox, foxtrot, free speech, gadgets, gaming, garfield, geeks, ghost hunters, ghosts, godsmack, goth, gothic, gypsies, halloween, halo, hauntings, heroscape, holloween, horror, html, in-line skating, inuyasha, invader zim, irc.cwru.edu, japanese culture, japanese food, jet li, jon stewart, kevin smith, kirby, knitting, learning, legend of zelda, linkin park, linux, livejournal, lj, majormud, manga, mario, meta knight, metaknight, mind freak, miyazaki, monty python, movies, mp3s, mud, music, nature, ncis, nerds, nes, nine inch nails, nintendo, notacon, paranormal, pearl jam, perky goth, piercing, pokemon, questionable content, reading, repo-the genetic opera, rise against, robot chicken, roller blading, rpg's, sci-fi, science fiction, scrubs, shinigami, south park, spyro, stephen colbert, stephen king, stone temple pilots, stretching, super smash brothers, sushi, sysop, tae kwon do, tai chi, tattoos, the office, the simpsons, thinkgeek, tool, travel, trigun, ugly socks, video games, vintage, walking, yoga